About StarLightGroup

Starlight Group represents the trailblazing brands of the future, and consists of a team of technical visionaries who are masters of proprietary technology and adaptive digital sales techniques.

What We Do

We are social and digital marketing experts, intent on creating the perfect advertising solution for our distinct, high-quality, direct-to-consumer brands. We thoroughly evaluate products in order to determine which digital avenues will lead our clients to their best possible results. Our media strategies ensure immediate product visibility using proprietary technology, competitor monitoring and focused, proven business concepts such as region-based marketing and flexible sales funnels. Clients can expect Starlight to handle media buying, creating video ads, and management of marketing pages and sales platforms in order to generate the highest possible number of their target acquisition: sales, revenue and/or leads.

Who We’re Looking For

Starlight Group is more than your average advertising group. We tailor every advertising campaign toward the individual business, and know which products will perform best using Starlight Tech. This means Starlight’s clients are creating only the most highly innovative products - products that Starlight knows have the potential to revolutionize their respective fields.

Why We Succeed

Starlight Group manages campaigns using a multi-avenue approach. By examining our clients’ product histories, implementing split testing software at top speeds, and using direct data to inform our decisions regarding, design, operation and management of product platforms, we have created a foolproof method for cultivating success via digital advertising.